A test page for developing an art competition judging system

  • Drag the images from the Entries container on the left to the Ordered results container on the right. Order them with the best first (top left).
  • The images and their captions can be resized using the sliders in the footer.
  • The sizes of the left and right sides of the page can be adjusted by dragging the bar in the center.
  • Double click on an image to see it bigger (constrained the smaller of the screen or its natural size). Double click on it again to restore it.
  • When there are a lot of entries you may find it helpful to organise them using the subgroups and dividers.
  • When you are happy with your ordering enter your name press the submit button in the footer to generate an email for your results.
  • The submit button actually generates an mailto: link and clicks it for you. However, some browsers don't allow automated link clicks so if it doesn't work you may have to click the link yourself.
  • If your computer is not configured to open your email application from a mailto: link then all the information is displayed at the bottom of the page and you can manually copy it into an email.

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