Photoshoot with @FrancksFlow

Here are my favourite shots from a photo shoot I did with the delightful Franck Qi @FrancksFlow in November 2022.

Chiaroscuro in a white dress

Lessons learned: The documentation for my camera says the "zebra striping" facility "warns you that your highlights are blown out". This made me to lower the exposure a couple of stops. I thought it a bit odd at the time and it seemed to be the wrong direction. I now think the stripes might actually be warning that the colours are out of gamut - which might just be inevitable in a high contrast image anyway. Next time I'll shoot a little brighter and add contrast in post.

Nude on fur

I love these shots and I'm sure @francksflow enjoyed modeling for them.

Satin and fur by the fire

The fire didn't generate much practical light so I placed a warm coloured lamp nearby. This could probably be done better with a little planning.

As the shots were for painting reference the refelection in the glass safety doors isn't a problem, I'd replace the fireplace from another reference image anyway, but I'll remove them next time.

The images might benefit from a warm colour grading.

With a kitten

Cats aren't cooperative unless they want to be and they can eat time more effectively than the grey gentlemen from Momo.

Practical lights

The practical lights didn't really give off enough to shoot with so LEDs and flashes were used to enhance them.

Wrapped in fur

On the waterfall

Clingy gause cloth. Hard to paint but worth it.

In the spa